The Vineyards of Burgundy

Over the past couple months I've been working on a new product that's just gone live publicly: Roku screensavers! For those of you who don't know what a Roku is, it's a streaming media box like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or Chromecast device, that allows you to watch different services on your TV like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.

I've been using a Roku for a number of years, getting rid of over-the-air television in favor of online streaming services. It's great when you want to watch something "right now", but it's not just always playing like regular TV. Whenever the TV isn't playing something the screensaver comes on to give you something else to look at besides the menu, just like the computer...but the selection of screensavers that I find out there never quite look good enough for me.

I want my TV to become an art frame for the house when I'm not watching something on it!

So I decided to get my head into coding for Roku screensavers, to create beautiful slideshows that can play while the TV isn't being used, turning my TV into a huge frame for stunning pictures. I've put together 3 different packages that can all be purchased from the Roku store for $0.99 each:

Birds: 11 images of many different gorgeous birds

Landscapes: 10 breathtaking landscapes from around the world

Animals: 13 pictures of animals, some majestic and some adorable

If you like the screensavers, let me know!

I'm going to begin development of a few more, and am excited to customize some screensavers for people! If you have a Roku and like my pictures, please contact me or reply to this message and I'd be happy to put together a slideshow/screensaver that's customized for you*.

(*Note: This offer may only be for a limited time, depending on Roku's limit on number of channels per publisher)

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