The Vineyards of Burgundy

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my website :)  I really enjoy showing my artistic side in the pictures that I put up here, and know that you'll find something here you like too!

I'm an IT geek (architecture and engineering), but I've always loved photography and found it is a great way to feed the creative part of myself.  After years with point-and-click digital cameras, I picked up a DSLR and have been getting more and more into it as I go, progressing to the Sony Alpha A7RII (mirrorless) that I currently shoot with.  I love the different the tools and tricks out there to tweak and play with images, and it's always fun traveling to new places for more photography.  

I hope something in here inspires you!


P.S.  if you look, all 4 of the people in the picture to the right are me...

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